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The Pros for Medical Consulting and Claims Processing

We help health care providers navigate the intricacies of Medicare, Medicaid, HMO and other insurance systems. Specalized in serving the Long Term Care industry.

Medical Consulting and Claims Processing Services

GeriPro provides medical consulting and claims processing to health care providers, suppliers, and management companies across the country. We primarily serve the Long Term Care industry, though our experience extends to Laboratory, Radiology, Emergency Room, and Physician Services.

Contact Us Today About a Free Consulation

Our speciality is troubleshooting your Accounts Receivable. An hour long consultation is available at no charge to your facility, providing a fresh look at issues causing delays in reimbursement. If your aged accounts are stuck and not processing, or your staff can’t explain the issues behind the delays, let us help. We can analyze your business office system, and make suggestions for improvements immediately. 

Here’s how we can help

  • Evaluating your business office functions
  • Providing on – site auditors to collect billing information and required documentation
  • Account managers to coordinate auditing, billing and collection of your claims
  • Experienced billing staff
  • Monthly reports detailing status of all claims
  • Management and consultation
  • One-on-one or group training sessions
  • Follow up of claims to the review and appeal level
  • Interim help and training when needed due to employee turnover in your business office
  • Answering questions or researching reimbursement issues